Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add a Measurement

1. From the tracker page, select a body measurement tag.
2. Enter a date, time, value and and notes.
3. Tap SAVE to record your measurement.

How to Add a Past Measurement

You can easily add additional historic measurement data from the tracker page.
1. From the tracker page, select a body measurement tag.
2. Change the date and time
3. The heading will say Add Measurement
4. Add a value and notes then tap SAVE to record your past measurement.

How to Edit a Measurement

1. From the Tracker Tab
If you have entered a measurement today, you can reselect it from the tracker page and edit the Time, Value and Notes. Note the heading of the page will say Edit Measurement.
Changing the date will allow you to add a past measurement and will not update today’s record.
2. From the History Tab
All measurements can be edited from the History tab by selecting a line item and changing any data in the Edit Measurement window.

How to Delete a Measurement

1. Head to the History Tab
2. Swipe left to reveal the red trash option
3. Tap on the red trash can
Note: deleting cannot be undone!

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