Measure Up[date] V2.0.10

Oct 12, 2022Android, iOS, Update

A few quick patch notes for anyone following along.

This update resolves a breaking issue with the Chart Screen and as a result has changed it’s behaviour slightly, see below.


  • Fixed the history table screen when viewing on a tablet
  • Add language support for Deutche, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional
  • Minor improvements

Charting Changes

  • Resolved the issue where data points were not joining up for some use cases
  • Points now only show for measurements taken within the app. Imported measurements will not have a point.
  • Body fat and Muscle charts do not have points. Refer to the Weight line to identify measurement dates on the timeline.
  • The single tap tooltip has been removed due to a conflict with the above changes. We’ll be looking to replace it in future.

Report Bugs

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Feature Requests

Have requests or ideas on how we can make the app better? Visit our support page and send us a Feature Request.

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